After the engine, the gearbox is the main component to get drive to the wheels. Many gearboxes whether manual or automatic cop a hiding not only around town but in the bush

4WDriving, which requires the clutch and gearbox itself to be maintained at the right intervals for the work being done.

Towing a caravan or camper has become a huge part of the 4WD touring industry and any form of towing, if not done right, will lead to gearbox damage in both auto and manual gearboxes.

Team ATOC has spent years setting up 4WDs to tow, tour and compete in the bush. It’s this personal experience that has provided them a wealth of knowledge in regard to clutches, gearbox overhauls, 5th gear overdrives and the right way to set up an auto gearbox with coolers and the like to tow confidently or play in the bush!

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