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They might seem basic, but there’s more to 4WD differentials than meets the eye, with a lot to maintain!

ATOC Auto specialise in a range of diff mods for 4WD vehicles, including Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser, and Prado, Nissan Patrol, Ford Ranger, and Mitsubishi Pajero. These include diff breather kits, housing braces, and various types of aftermarket differential locker kits.

We also offer repairs and overhauls to differentials, including diffs with factory lockers, as well as servicing and repairing ARB air lockers and Eaton electric lockers. All work is completed onsite in our workshop to ensure quality workmanship every single time. We can replace seals, inspect and service gear sets and set correct backlash, upgrade gear sets to different ratios and more.

For normal on-road driving, the factory diffs are reliable and easy to service and maintain, even if you’re doing some fun 4-wheeling. However, for the more serious 4WDriver, there’s a lot more that can be done to ensure reliable performance.

Aftermarket locking diffs transform the capabilities of your vehicle by allowing both wheels to be ‘locked’ together, forcing them to rotate at the same speed. This is in contrast to open differentials allowing the less loaded tyre to take 100% of the available engine torque, resulting in loss of traction.

Contact us on +61 3 9754 2751 to discuss your specific make and model and find out how ATOC Auto can assist you.

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The experts at ATOC Auto offer a range of services and repairs for your 4WD, including GVM upgrades and chassis upgrades and repairs. We service a range of makes and models, including Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser, and Prado, Nissan Patrol, Ford Ranger, and Mitsubishi Pajero. Browse our range of available services online, or phone our workshop on +61 3 9754 2751 to discuss your specific requirements.


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ATOC Auto carry a quality range of 4WD products and accessories for soft roaders and serious off-roaders. If a product is on our site, it's in our warehouse, located in Victoria - ready to be shipped Australia wide!

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