Spring Seat Reinforcing

Nissan Patrols with rear coil springs, can suffer from cracks in the chassis and/or cracks in the coil spring seats, when operated under high load conditions, or when incorrect spring rates are used. ATOC have developed special repair procedures for cracked chassis and a reinforcing kit to strengthen the spring seats.

When professionally installed, the reinforcement improves the design integrity and offers added protection from cracking, under higher than normal load conditions. In the event that your vehicle has already sustained cracks in the chassis or cracked spring seats, ATOC can repair cracks in the chassis, repair or replace the cracked spring seats, and install our reinforcing kit to lessen the risk of repeat cracking. To strengthen up the rear coil spring seat top mounts on a coil /cab GU/GQ Patrol, the ATOC developed rear chassis spring mount strengthening kit is the solution to your problems.

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